In order to reduce our carbon footprint, we've streamlined our daily processes to decrease the amount of energy we use. One way we've done so is by creating simple yet effective formulas that consist of ingredients derived from sustainable, vegan, organic and/or synthetic resources. We have also streamlined our manufacturing and production processes so that less electricity is used while creating products.

Along with our efforts to preserve the environment, we chose packaging components that are recyclable and/or derived from recyclable materials and limit our overall use of paper products in our product packaging design.

While A.P.D.G. is doing its part to help the environment, we ask our customers to do the same. Our containers, both paper and plastic, are recyclable and we ask that you please recycle empty A.P.D.G. containers and packaging at your nearest recycling center. 



A.P.D.G. does not sell products containing fur, thus following the principles of a Fur Free Program. A.P.D.G. also does not sell products that contain animal tusks or any other prohibited part(s). We are against any unethical mistreatment or cruelty to animals and also oppose poaching practices. 

Following a cruelty free program, no cosmetics made by A.P.D.G. have been tested on animals nor do our products contain ingredients that are derived from mammalian, reptilian, fish, amphibian or arthropod sources. We love our furry and scaly friends and so should you.